Writing Away from Home

This week I have been away from home and attending work training. These times away from the stress of work and family should be cherished moments of quiet in which the wellspring of creativity should erupt forth as enthusiastically as Old Faithful, the geyser. However the silence and strange surroundings of an unfamiliar room and city overwhelm me. I feel I am drowning without the normal comforts of home and family.

At the same time, I am curious about new places and new people. I am free to engage in people watching although I have been too restless. Even now I think about the game of pool being played in the lobby and taking my computer and siting in one of the many available seats. I don’t think anyone would mind or even notice if I watched the goings on of people at the hotel. Last night I took a trip out to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore and walked around for a long time. In times past I have claimed a seat and happily whiled away several hours, reading or wandering the stacks of books. I roamed the store for an hour and half and no seat claimed my attention to extend my time there.

There is something at this moment that is repulsive to me about people right now. I believe it has something to do with crowds, the noise, and the unholy chaos of big city life. I do know that a good writer takes inspiration where she can find it, so my current mood of wanting to be around, but apart from people intrigues me. Sitting here in this room, high above traffic and people, there is a sense of loneliness that surprises me.

The weather is also not helping, cool and grey, there is a pregnancy about the air. Mixed weather and the threat of a hurricane has lots of folks concerned. We are still animals at heart and the Good Lord Above gave us instincts to guide us when things aren’t quite right.

I know part of my trouble is homesick and missing my hubby too. I am reminded that however outgoing I can be, I am an introvert at heart.  Cheers on a dreary Thursday night, james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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