The Dirt Bike Knight part 7

“My beloved, a vacation is exactly what we need. Our daughter is old enough to look after the kingdom. Besides the young fellow will protect her, should the need arise.”

“I don’t know George. Our baby, we can’t just leave her behind.”

“Attend me young Race.” George said.

Race looked questioningly at the princess. She shrugged. Slowly he got up and walked back toward the throne room. Elegance followed behind him, more curious than concerned. The Queen was reclined on her cushion and George was beside her. When he walked in the room, George stood to his full height, wings slightly flared open.

“Race kneel before me. Do you swear to protect our daughter from harm? Do you swear to uphold her honor from abuse?”

“Dadsey!” Elegance screached. George winced slightly before continuing on. The Queen hissed Elegance to silence. A king should never be interrupted during a knighting.

“Repeat after me. I, Race, swear to uphold and protect Princess Elegance from any and all harm or threat of harm. I will serve the kingdom of Keystone and obey it’s king and queen.”

Race squeezed his eyes shut but stumbled through the oath. Finally he was finished. George laid a cold metal sword againt his shoulders. He was glad he was kneeling, he wasn’t sure how steady his feet and knees would have been seeing that huge sword swung in his direction.

“Arise Sir Race, Dirt Bike Knight of  the Kingdom Keystone.”

And so concludes the first adventure of the Dirt Bike Knight. I will continue with another story later. Besides we have Portland to explore and those grandparents to find. I hope you have enjoyed the tale. Cheers, james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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