The Dirt Bike Knight part 2

Frustrated he growled grasping her hand. She jerked away from him and ran straight into the monster. Sharp claws tipped scaly arm like limbs, closed around the girl. He knew she was done for.

“Mumsey, there is a horrible creature after me.” She hugged the creature, body wracked by her sobs.

Race felt his jaw drop. Mumsey? Oh hell. Fierce yellow eyes speared him. He kicked the bike into gear, it leapt to life under him. Soon he felt safe enough to look back. Nothing disturbed the brush and all was quiet except the drone of his bike.

He figured he was several miles away from the strange girl and her monster. He stopped for a drink, the gas gauge indicated he was low. The gas can was still in place and he poured it in. After he filled the bike, he noticed the can was still full. Strange the gas gauge had read nearly empty. He strapped it back in place.

He put on his helmet and prepared to crank up. He was snatched up bike and all. The ground was getting further and further away. He fought the scream in his throat. No way he was going to scream like a little girl. Claws held him secure for the moment, fear painted nasty pictures of a long fall and the sudden stop at the end.

“Come on ole boy, you’ve been in worse scraps than this. Think.”

“Silence!” Growled the creature holding him. “You will pay for frightening our daughter.”

Oh hell another one. That’s what I get for asking for directions, a crazy chick and her pet monsters.

“Sir I didn’t mean to frighten your daughter. I was asking for directions to Portland. She was the first person I’ve seen in hours.”

The mighty wings holding them up waviered hitting turbulance. The claws tightened around him. He’s going to drop me, Race thought.

To be continued …

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