T M I (too much info)

As I write, some things I leave out because its part of normal everyday life and sleeping, eating, don’t move a story along. Unless it is relevant to the story. An example is my main character Rachael hiking thru woods looking for her mom. She is hungry and thirsty, I describe her approach to drinking and the eating of just enough berries to not make herself sick. Those details are important and shows she knows her way around the woods.

Other scenes when I am unsure where I am going I write in making or drinking a cup of tea. This is a real world habit of mine so it makes sense. As this is first draft those tea moments may or may not make final cut. (I find myself jonesin for a cup of Earl Grey) So how do you know when you are giving TMI?

Part of my concern is lack of experience, I have never gotten this far on a story before. At 107 handwritten pages doesn’t sound like much, but most died after a few typed pages. Another reason to write old school vs. my laptop is I can write without my inner efitor going “that’s not right”, spelling, structure, tense all the horrible typo gremlins that plague me. I give the wonderfully sneaky answer “I’ll fix when I type it”. So far it has worked, I have typed 25 pages which equals 70-80 handwritten pages. Long way to go. One bright spot Tolkien wrote LOTRs over the course of several years, I think.

The other concern is how my grasp on the story keeps changing and how the tones is changing. I can’t tell if it is changing or if the way I see it is changing. Anyway back to my waiting pen and paper. Cheers on this Father’s Day. james

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