The Ring

Little metal band,
Stone of saphire,
Placed upon my sacred hand,
We promised forever to stand.

Marriage is an awe inspiring thing, two lives modeled into one. However wedding bands, fancy dresses, and vows, don’t mean anything if you aren’t married in your heart first. I had a young lady comment on my wedding ring, a round saphire with two side stones that change from blue to green. She said she had heard only diamonds were fit for wedding rings. I smiled and said it is what you make it. A wedding ring, engagement ring etc, should reflect the wearer, be it a favorite stone, a certain design, or from a special place. I didn’t have a chance to tell her that no matter what type of ring you wear if the feelings aren’t in your heart. That little metal band and rock is going to bring nothing, but heartache and pain.

We are going on eleven years together and seven married this year. Pretty good for a country girl that never dreamed she’d get married. Now if I could just turn our snoring volume down. Lol! Cheers on a Sunday night, james

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