Soapbox tirades: expression without fear

Do you remember way back into depths of your mind to when your were a child. We were fearless, fighting the battles of injustice, punishing the bad guys right along side our cartoon heros. We wrote without fear, expressing our thoughts and knowing they would be taken as seriously as our much older/wiser peers.

I was talking to the hubby about an old typewriter, my stepdad gave me and the various forms write has evolved. I told him about the first editorial I wrote. A blazing scathing piece about sharks and why we need these incredible apex predatots in our oceans.

I remeber going grocery shopping with my mom and this magazine had the classic jaws shark photo. The article talked about how sharks were bad, killing people, desimating fish populations etc. I somehow convinced my mom, I need that paper, and she bought it. I took it home and poured pver every photo, every article, every word. The next time we went to the library, I asked for every book on sharks I could get my hands on. This was where I learned to use the card catalog (pure magic all the information I could ever dream of) and pulled a dozen books and poured over them. Taking notes, memorizing, absorbing that knowledge, all fueled by the burning desire to know.

Back at home I asked my mom about using her Brother word processor, a true behemoth of tech history. She showed me how to use it and away I went. Furiously typing my opinon and knowledge I had gained and typed until I was out of words. Mom still has the old behemoth, I saw it in the attic last time I was up there. And that editorial is still there too I’m sure.

Moral of the story is, I wrote with the belief I was contributing to the world and would be taken seriously. Never did it cross my mind as I mailed it off , a nine year old”s tirade that would probably never make it past File 13 aka the trash can. But if we could go back to that moment of fiery passion, that surety of being heard and bring it back to our writing how much better would we be?

Okay I”m off the soapbox. Cheers, james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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