Jaws Revisited

This is the cool post about Jaws that inspired my post about Peter Benchely’s Creature. I urge you check out this blog, well written and interesting posts. Cheers, james


Jaws came on television tonight. First I thought, oh wow, was it really that long ago? I decided that indeed it was; the commercials even played seventies music. Then the second thing I did was remember why I don’t swim in oceans. Still, although I did for awhile…even swimming to the second sandbar off South Padre Island. Eeek!…all those unseen critters swimming below that incredible deep spot before you hit the part where you can stand.

I like Jaws because it’s a real movie, of which, there are very few today. I like the plot, and all the multiple conflicts: man against man, man against nature, man against himself. There’s that overwhelming denial when the residents of the town, especially the city council, don’t want to admit that something is terribly wrong beneath that brimming blue sea.

The sad, heavy feeling of helplessness that emerges with each fatal attack. The…

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