Creature by Peter Benchely

I read a post L.T Garvin about rewatching Jaws and the author remembering how scary the movie was. I commented back saying that Jaws was a great movie but the shark was only doing what sharks naturally do to survive. And I admit I have never been able to get a copy of Jaws and read it. I found Creature instead. If you like monster movies or books, I whole heartly recommend the book. The sad excuse of a wanna be knock off movie, I Beg You, don’t watch it. It was beyond sad, horrible, terrible and did no credit to cast or book.

If Dr. Frankenstien had access to shark DNA, then Old Frankie would have been something like Creature. A super weapon designed by Nazi German scientists that was lost for fifty or sixty years and turned loose on a modern world. Scary critter that attacks, feeds, kills in the water and on land.

I read this book as a teenager during summer vacation while at the beach with my grandparents. Yeah I hung out on the porch with my Grandma after reading that book. It was a master piece of monster writing and the genre has not died with authors like Steve Alten and Jeremy Robinson writing new and awesome books.

Steve Alten is well known for both The Loch and the Meg series. The Loch gives a possible explantion of what really lurks in the depths of Loch Ness. The Meg series is about megalodons surviving to modern times by living in the Maranas Trench along with other baddies from the long gone dino era. Jeremy Robinson wrote Anatarkos Rising and Kronos. Anatarkos Rising is a cool twist on the global shifting and Anartica becomes viable livable land while the rest of the world has pretty much been destroyed. Kronos is a cool sea monster tale of biblical proportions.
So there you have it new authors to try and new books to love, ponder, digest and read. Cheers on this Easter Sunday night. james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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