Slip of the knife: Or why my post is late

Being from a rural communty there are certain norms that exist here but not elsewhere. One of those norms reached out and bit me Tuesday. I have carried a pocket knife for many years growing up and in the last couple of weeks, I renewed the habit. My co-worker asked me to cut a plastic tie and in my haste I cut my finger. Which has made work rather agravating and I can’t type with my left index finger at all. Luckly, I can type on my phone with my right thumb. However today it is the best my poor finger has felt since the whole bloody mess.

So the old adage proves true once again. Haste can make a bloody mess. (Slight improv) And familarity breeds contempt. This last statement is the closer to my situation because I forgot how hard the plastic ties are to cut. So moral of the story, keep your pocket knife sharp and your fingers out of  blade’s way.

Cheers on a Thursday night, james
Happy Easter!

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