Fortune Cookie-isms

I love going out for Chinese and then receiving the gem of wisdom hidden within the fortune cookie. Over the years I have collected these bits of advice, wisdom, and humor, pulling them out when I need a pick me up. Some are humorous, “Don’t use a cannon to kill a mosquito.” Some are useles and didn’t deserve remembering and others are pure diamonds or gold nuggets to be held and cherished. One of my all time favorites is “Don’t trouble trouble, til trouble troubles you.” But the one that causes a knot of dread in the pit of my stomach is “Your wish will soon come true.”

Most folks would be jumping for joy, buying every lottery ticket they could get their hands on. Me, I am trying to figure out which wish is going to come true. And is it one of the good wishes or one of the “wish (insert aggravating person) would take a long walk off a short pier in shark infested water” bad wishes. I always hope for the good kind, but cringe in horror over the bad ones. (One day I will learn to stop making the bad kind wishes. I hope) Some days it is much harder to stick with good wishes than to wish said aggravating person to some place else.

However, I think there is merrit in using the “if you get the wish” fortune and the trouble it could cause, especially if only the bad wishes are granted. Of course take care no actual harm comes to said folks. There is a story fodder aplenty for the brave, humorous short story or dark horror, there is room for both.

I have set a page up for these bits of wisdom. What are your favorite fortune cookie-isms? Let’s share the good fortune. Cheers, james

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