Stages, and

I seem to go thru stages where I am writing and writing, but I am not reading much. Then I flip and I almost stop writing and I read everything I can get my hands on. Then things balance out and I read and write about the same.

Currently I am in the read everything stage. It dawned on me today that is what has been going on the last several weeks.

Currently I am reading “Antarktos Rising” by Jeremy Robinson. It is pretty interesting with a unique premise.

Just finished “Killer Gorgeous” by Jane Holleman. A quick read putting me in mind of the old detective noir with an updated timeframe. Through the whole book never managed to pin down the supposed location of the book. I think Houston Texas may have very briefly been mentioned, but that was all.

I have been listening to several of Robert E. Howard’s Connan series. Hour of the Dragon, A Witch Shall Be Born, and others are available thru both Librivox and the new Nook Audiobooks app. Listening to the Connan stories I am still in awe of Howard’s writing. His books read like movies with the perfect balance of action, details, and allowing the reader to be fully enveloped in the story.

Cheers, james

P.s. Check out and Robert E. Howard’s Connan series. The nook audiobook app is wicked cool too.

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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