Frame of mind

I had high hopes for writing this evening, but today’s events shattered my calm. I hesitate to even pen these words now. I try to write regardless of my mood, however I don’t want to taint my stories with my bad frame of mind. I suppose I could use this negative mindframe to write my villianous scenes, yet when I got back that scene, the negative vibe will linger. I have worked too hard on these stories to allow this feeling to ruin it. I have found stuff I wrote while upset or estastic the feeling is recalled. Most of the pieces I wrote sad or anger the feeling stayed through out and eventually I abandoned it. Of course I have abandoned some of the estastic stuff because I couldn’t recapture the mood to finish writing.

Right now all I can feel is the negative, the doubts, and the overblown ego of thinking I can write. I know this is bull, but I can’t seem to push it away to reclaim my calm and mostly positive outlook. (Beware anyone that is overly positive all the time, there is something wrong with them. Unless they are children or in touch with their inner child.)

Here’s hoping to better moods and better writing times. Cheers, james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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