Thoughts about Villians

     I just read a post about another writer beginning to like her villian. In the two stories I am working on, my villians don’t seem to have any redeeming qualities.

     In Owl Story, my villian is a demon like enity trying get from the spirit world into the physical world. Power mad and thoughts of destroying the world make him feel warm and fuzzy inside, if that were possible. However, I have not delved very deeply into the character yet. I have the feeling he was part of the guardian group before he decided to be a villian.  And in the previous battle, became the demon like enity he is now. Providing the motivation to take over the world or destroy it trying. Still a very unknown shadowy character.

     The second bad guy character, I haven’t decided what to do with him. According to one of the main characters, he isn’t bad, something happend and he was corupted by the major bad guy. So this will allow me to redeem him, if I can add it in with the story as a blow to the bad guy or maybe send him in as a spy. I like the idea of redeeming him while he is working for the bad guy and realizes just what a sob he’s been. 

     Anyway those are a few thoughts about villians. How do you like your bad guys? Could they just be misunderstood and need a second chance or are they just plan evil? Cheers, james

10 thoughts on “Thoughts about Villians

  1. I they think they can be both evil and complicated, what turned them evil? Was there a pivotal moment that sent them down an irrevocable path? They don’t necessarily have redeeming qualities, but maybe they have multifaceted malevolence

    1. I have a lot of exploring to do with my villians. I like your thought of multifaceted malevolence. I have shied away from my villians while trying to feel out my heros. But soon I will be sitting down for some serious interviewing. Thank you so much for sparking this post with your own post. If you don’t mind I would like to reblog your post.

  2. I think that while you don’t have to love your villain it is good to make them a full person. I once read that no villain ever actually sees themselves as evil if they are realistic, short of the truly crazy ones…

    1. I think keeping that detail in mind is where I am going to have trouble. To the bad guy he is sane and doing the right thing. From everyone else’s view its utterly evil with no remorse. Like the old saying you’re not crazy as long as you worry that you’re crazy. Only when you stop worrying about and think you are perfectly sane. Then you are in trouble.

      1. I guess that’s true. I seem to care for villains too much. I think it’s because on the page it is easier to shrug off a character doing some really nasty things. The fiction giving distance maybe? I don’t know. A good series to look into if you want the full range of evil is Batman. His villains come in all degrees.
        Still trying to get my blog rolling, not sure what is best to write about hm…

  3. Please feel free, I appreciated you took the time to comment on my post and thrilled it inspired, that’s the cool thing about being part of the writing community, we feed each other’s creative fires.

  4. I think that a distinction needs to be drawn here between villains and antagonists. While villains, often purposefully evil and malicious in their intent, are simply morally-deplorable in my eyes, another form of antagonist (see: vigilantes, a character that is simply the main character’s rival or foil, etc.) may be easier to sympathize with. Still, nothing is created in a vacuum, and one villain’s “evil” may appear in his eyes, as previously stated, just and realistic.

  5. I have to agree about the distinction between villain and antagonist. When I think of villain, my thoughts go to Sauron or Voldemort. Antagonists like the Malfoys still possess some redeeming qualities that can draw sympathy even if readers question their actions and decisions.

    My epic fantasy features a villain and an antagonist. It makes for an interesting dynamic considering they’re not always working in tandem. I admit, I fell in love with my antagonist for that story. I have a soft spot for tragic characters, and he’s probably the best one I’ve created thus far. I also don’t think it’s strange for writers to get attached to their characters, even villains. Somebody has to love them.

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