Tea and Sympathy

This is the lovely post that got me thinking about my own bad guys and prompted my post “Thoughts about Villians”. I hope you will take a few minutes to swing by her blog. She is an awesome writer and blogger. Cheers,

Julie Allan

I have a problem . . . one I did not anticipate when I began writing my book Pearls of Wisdom.  In my story I have a character, his name is Angelo and he is the villain of my tale.  He can’t help it really, he grew up in a family where crime is the family business. He is a cog in the machinery that runs a syndicate that runs the East Coast of the United States all the way to South America. He does not call the shots, but he hasn’t chosen a more virtuous path either.  He is compassionate towards others, especially senior citizens.  He has a bad boy swagger and charming dimples that I find hard to resist, think Sonny Corinthos from General Hospital.  Of course with that admission you have discovered one of my guilty pleasures: Soap Operas.  Soaps or stories as my Grandmother called them were a family tradition from her…

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