Notebooks post 2

Back in August I wrote about my notebook collection. Thank you it feels very nice to know I am not the only one out there with herds of notebooks and empty journals.

I read several posts over the last few days about starting and trying to keep up with a notebook. Personally I love the feel of a pen sailing across the virgin page to new adventures. Your “notebook” could be any way you feel comfortable keeping track of thoughts, ideas, cool bits of random stuff. Like getting the morning latte, you notice the young guy wearing the old tweed and leather scholar’s jacket but he looks like he should be in middle school. Or the lady that refuses to meet anyone’s eyes and smells of last night’s party. Or the headline for the Onion (if you don’t know then you should be ashamed to call yourself a writer) Batboy and Elvis to give Martian charity concert!

Notebooks are a writer’s venus fly trap for all of this stuff and more. It is being able to take those moments and melt them down in the crucible of your imagination and spit out a living breathing story. Maybe the young fellow and the lady were at the party and maybe she is a professor and he the student. A night of too much drink blurried the lines and passions erupted. Guilt makes her shy and his youth is truly revealed in the harsh morning light.

A writer writes because otherwise we would drown in the stories that are inside of us trying to get out. Sides it is the only way I know to quiet the yammering in my head.

Cheers and have an awesome weekend. james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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