History-Character Development

In writing, how much history do you give your characters? How much of their histories fuel their motivies, passions, obsessions, strengths,  or flaws?

The past is the whip driving my bad guy, fueling his desire for revenge. While my heros, the past is the burning flame that keeps them fighting. Fueling their hope, good will triumph evil and the battle will be won. Past regrets and choices haunt both sides, and only by raising above those ghosts will they suceed.

The youngest of my heros is also the one the past weighes heaviest. A prophecy to fullfil and self doubts about making the right decisions fuel her fear of failing. Especially since the other heros won’t speak of the past for fear of repeating it. And she is left fitting bits and pieces together. The only ones willing to speak about the prophecy are three shadows that are not able to directly influence the world. She questions their motives, even though they helped her the first time she met them. The past haunts these spectors as they must watch from the sidelines while things unfold. Hoping to right past wrongs and reclaim their honor. Of all my characters these three are the unknowns as they can tip the balance of the story.

I have tried to make all my characters  well rounded, although I have self doubts they are believable folks. I take heart in an Ernest Heminway quote: “Characters are cliches. I write about real people” (I hope I got that right) I continue to write and plan on following my story where it will take me. Cheers on a Monday night. james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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