Fiction vs. Reality: Shark of Darkness

I was watching Discovery’s Shark Week kick off program Shark of Darkness. I am really disappointed with the program. I have always loved sharks and I am puzzled why Shark Week has gone fictional vs. educational. I thought the purpose of Shark Week was to educate the world on why we need sharks in our oceans not send people out on another Jaws killing spree.

Peter Benchley, after he released Jaws and the movie came out, said he regreted the sharks that were killed and the absolute hatred of sharks his novel inspired. He is an advocate for shark protection and ocean conservation. Protecting the oceans and marine life is very important, for now and for our future generations.

I love fiction as good as the next girl but don’t sell me fiction under the guise of reality. As a halfway intellegent being give me the benefit of letting me decide if I want a shark documentry or dare I say it Sharknado. Otherwise I’m turning the old boob tube off and posting a rant on wordpress about the inconsiderate nature of tv empires trying to get ratings.

I’ll give an example of fiction being good old fiction. Steve Alten’s Meg series is awesome, a well written story. He isn’t trying to convince you Meg is real and out there because he puts a label “This is a work of Fiction” on it. He does ask the reader to step into this fictional world of “what if” and I am more than willing to follow along into the waters edge and feel the cold chill of Meg flow over my imagination. Maybe Discovery should think it over and label it right and then maybe I will be willing to go back in the water.

Okay I’m off the old soap box.

One thought on “Fiction vs. Reality: Shark of Darkness

  1. There have been some baby shark attacks and sightings here in California lately, but a lot of it has to do with them searching for fish that have died off and people pestering them I bet.

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