Notebooks=Idea catchers

My last post was a reblog of one of Dylan Herns posts. I stumbled across one of my old story outlines about two weeks ago. I don’t know how most folks keep up with the odds and ends they write. I have used three ring binders, notebooks, legal pads, and a recorder.

I bought the recorder because when I drove back and forth to work and home I would have all these awesome story ideas and by the time I got home couldn’t remember my ideas. Put the recorder in the car handy to record my ideas and they evaporated faster than water in the Sahara.

My best system seems to be a small notebook in my bag with plenty of pens. Cause at least one will refuse to work. Although my husband fusses when he stumbles across two or three notebooks with my scribbles, I don’t think he realizes how hard those Idea Catchers are to corral. I have found them all over the place. Okay I have rambled more than I intended.

So what method of idea catching do you use?

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