Writing 101: post 6

I have been keeping up with the writing prompts but they just aren’t sparking my interest like the first four. But I thought hey why not I’ll give the Character Study a go. This is a character I have been musing over for a while, but I haven’t found his story yet.

He caught my eye the moment he walked in the door. A waitress knows how to read the customers she has deal with. And this one would be a challenge. He stalked into the room and the patrons quieted. He walked with the grace of a large cat, soft, easy on his feet. Long hair fell past his shoulders pulled back away from his face.

“May I help you sir?” my voice squeaked unintentionally. Those golden brown eyes narrowed and I became his sole focus. His nostrils flared catching the scent of my perfume.

“I prefer a table in the back, if you have one available.” His voice flowed over me and I could have melted looking into those eyes and dreaming about his hands on my.

“Sherry, you fool girl. Get back to work instead of daydreaming!” my boss screamed from behind the counter. My face blushed beet red and I couldn’t meet his eyes.

“This way sir.” I don’t know if he heard me whisper or if he followed out of habit, I led him to a table in the back corner. The patrons had begun talking again but they were much quieter in his presence.

“Sherry, what is good here?” shivers raced up my spine as he spoke to me like I was a real person, not just a waitress.

“Nothing is good here mister. You would be better off heading down the street to get fast food. What can I get you to drink?”

“A coffee please, and whatever you think would be edible. It will be okay, Sherry, you’ll see.” He touched my hand and I jumped as static electricity shocked me. I mumbled something and placed an order for the least greasy thing on the menu, the chicken salad. I fixed a new pot of coffee.

“I said quit daydreaming and get to work. Otherwise I’ll take it out of your pay.” My boss grabbed my arm and twisted. I gasped in pain and before I could say anything Golden Eyes was there. He took my boss’s hand off my arm and was growling something at my boss I couldn’t understand.

“Sherry forget the coffee we are leaving.” Golden Eyes threw some money on the counter and pulled me towards the door. I tried to pry his hand loose but I was caught in a steel trap.

“Hey wait a minute. I can’t leave, I need this job. Wait I need my purse, my stuff. Wait.” He tugged me out of the restaurant despite my struggling.

“We will get you new stuff. We need to leave now.” His eyes were lit with anger and something else danced in their depths I could identify.

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