Tuna Salad and Creative Writing…. A Connection, Please???

This is the blog post I mentioned in Fire:Part 2.
This nice lady is quite the wordsmith and I hope you enjoy her post. Cheers

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

tuna-1145070-mI made tuna salad today. On the surface, that has no importance at all and certainly no relevance to the topic of my blog: creative writing. Somehow, though, making tuna salad got me thinking about writing: about all that goes into a good piece of fiction.

My tuna salad is pretty standard: canned tuna. Mayo. A mix of diced onions, celery, green and red peppers. Black pepper. Sometimes I’ll throw in a boiled egg. Nothing fancy. Nothing that really requires time or effort. I do like to add:

  • SOMETHING SWEET: I like to throw either diced apple or raisins in my tuna salad. You don’t need a lot to make the flavor and texture stand out and really contribute. This is a good analogy for the sweet, tender, and really human moments good fiction holds. Maybe they’re romantic; maybe they’re not at all. But they aren’t overdone and they aren’t…

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